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John FurneauxRGD

John Furneaux RGD

John Furneaux RGD is the founder and the creative and strategic lead at B3 Strategy, a collaborative consultancy, working with clients to understand their needs and deliver insightful solutions. For 30 years, John has worked closely with organizations of all sizes — from entrepreneurial start-ups to global leaders. His award-winning experience spans a broad range of brand image and identity programs, as well as the communications and marketing initiatives that bring brands to life. John also teaches at George Brown College in their Design Management Program. He is a Past President of RGD and is an active speaker and contributor in the design industry.


Member since July 01, 1997

Wallpapers with AcFeri and other designs on it
Wallpapers with AcFeri and other designs on it
Article Apr 19, 2023

As designers, many of us have heard clients say, “I don’t like this…” or “I think it should look like…”. And, as they are your client, their opinion is the final word - correct? Well, no, not really – in many cases your direct client isn’t ...

Are you working the same way day in and day out, producing work that feels lifeless and stilted? Are you approaching projects with a highly detailed and technical style, when one project might need the rough contours of an idea and another ...

John Furneaux on stage presenting
John Furneaux on stage presenting
Presented at DesignThinkers 2018 in Toronto

Clients are looking for today’s designer to be the architect for a system of ‘building blocks’ to then be implemented by a range of people—changing our role from Designer of a finished piece to Design System Consultant. John explains how to...