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Certified, Provisional RGD, Affiliate and Jr. Affiliate Members are invited to join RGD's Slack Workspace to connect, ask questions and start discussions with fellow Members.

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What makes the RGD slack community unique?

Offering channels focused on design #events, #jobs and #random links/gifs, RGD's Slack Workspace is also a place where Members can share some of the things that make our community special.

As a community that is exclusive to Certified, Provisional RGD, Affiliate and Jr. Affiliate Members, being a member of the RGD Slack Workspace means having access to a highly-curated community of experienced design professionals who are available to engage in conversation and answer questions.

RGD's Slack Workspace is open to Members from around the world and offers region-specific channels to help users connect with local RGDs in their communities.

Since joining the RGD's Slack community, I've received a lot of insight from other professionals who offered new perspectives on the issues I’ve faced during tough points in my career, as well as advice on my portfolio, which has all helped me get to a better environment where I can flourish. Networking in each channel has been invaluable to navigating my career path effectively and has provided me the encouragement that I needed to continue to pursue what I love.
Valerie Giffin RGD, Firedog Communications

Channels in the RGD Slack Workspace include:

  • #accessibility: All your questions and answers on accessibility. Find our top RGDs on accessibility here.
  • #branding: A safe place for designers to share their love and hate of contemporary logos
  • #career-advice: dedicated to members looking for advice on developing their careers as creative professionals, this channel hosts conversations on topics such as how to network when you’re shy, how to approach tests when interviewing for a job and how to brand yourself.
  • #certification: a place to ask questions, get advice, connect as you prepare to get RGD certified!
  • #design-educators: a shared space for those in design education to share conferences, articles and job postings or post discussion topics about the issues they face.
  • #ethicalissues: hosts discussions on spec work, sustainability in design and inspiration vs infringement. This channel is a great place to dig into the deeper issues facing design.
  • #inhousedesign is an excellent place for those working in house to gather and share their experiences. We’ve had conversations about project management, ways to manage assets, and how to manage internal stakeholders.
  • #vendors: a channel where users can request recommendations for vendors and suppliers that RGD Members have had good experiences with, such as web developers, photographers, printers and more.
I joined the Slack community in 2020 when I graduated and really needed to find my designer community. Luckily that is exactly what I’ve found! I regularly message for career advice or accessibility questions, and I feel so lucky to know I can rely on my fellow designers for professional, kind and supportive responses. It has really helped me so often in my career, I recommend it to everyone I know in design.
Olivia Baker-Sullivan Provisional RGD, Block

How do I get started?

Find out about joining RGD now here to join the Slack Workspace to exchange ideas with fellow Members who are committed to educating and inspiring, setting professional standards and building a strong, supportive community dedicated to advocating for the value of design.

If you’re interested in learning about the basics, the Slack introductory page will help you set up a profile, join conversations and more. Learn how to join channels here.

Once you join the RGD Slack community you’ll find 1,800+ RGD Members ready to share inspiration, insights, and advice.

If you are a Certified RGD, Provisional RGD, Affiliate or Jr. Affiliate Member who has not joined the Slack Workspace, email to be added.

As an RGD Member, Slack has become my go-to for real-time collaboration, effortlessly connecting me with fellow designers to share ideas and stay informed about industry trends. The RGD Slack channels serve as my primary resource for support, fueling both my professional growth and networking within the community.
Trevor Wall RGD, TWall Design