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Why Hire an RGD?

The RGD designation is your assurance of an experienced, ethical and qualified professional.

Professional graphic design ensures a fully integrated solution that conveys the concept, the message and the positioning of your organization. 

It positions products or services in the marketplace and makes a company more visible, sophisticated and desirable than the competition. A Registered Graphic Designer partners with you to integrate every phase of your communication needs.

There are highly qualified designers who are not certified as Registered Graphic Designers. Unfortunately, there are also many untrained, unskilled individuals who claim to offer “design services.” Often such persons may know how to use software, but have inadequate education, knowledge or experience of the design process and the many related skills that are necessary to produce effective communications. They may fail to understand the complexities of your needs, may not be fully versed in regulations surrounding anti-spam legislation or accessibility, and may not understand what it means to operate in a professional and ethical manner.

A qualified, experienced professional

Registered Graphic Designers have successfully completed RGD’s Certification Process and have demonstrated their knowledge and abilities as professional graphic designers.

I am a problem-solver.

Registered Graphic Designers have the knowledge, experience and skills to assess and address a variety of challenges. They provide strategies and solutions that help companies, organizations and entrepreneurs to further their goals and objectives.

I am accountable.

Registered Graphic Designers engage with clients in professional, contractual agreements. They fulfill their commitments responsibly and work to the best of their ability to match or exceed expected project outcomes.

I am ethical.

Registered Graphic Designers are subject to and governed by the Association’s Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules serve as their guide for an ethical, professional graphic design practice, and details their responsibilities to clients, the profession, the government and the community.

I stay informed of developments and trends.

Registered Graphic Designers stay current by augmenting their knowledge – including new information on accessibility, consumer trends, demographics, research methods, production processes, advanced digital technologies and efficiencies. With this growing foundation, they constantly integrate best practices and tools into their work.

I am passionate about design.

Registered Graphic Designers understand that a strong and unified voice advances the practice of graphic design. They are committed professional Members of the Association, and raise awareness of the important role and value that design brings to business, society and culture.

I can connect you with reliable industry suppliers.

Registered Graphic Designers access a network of suppliers, services and allied professions. They can assemble a team to execute simple or complex projects including illustrators and photographers, writers and translators, printers and product manufacturers, developers and social media strategists, to name a few.

How to choose a designer?

Before hiring any designer, review their experience and work samples, request and contact references and meet with candidates to discuss your project. Designers need to understand your strategic objectives and the goals of your project to determine the costs involved. Use the information provided by all candidates to choose a designer who is capable of meeting your needs. For greater assurance, choose an RGD.

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