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Jun 10, 2021

Do You Have Enough Pencils in Your Pencil Case?

John Furneaux RGD

About this video


Are you working the same way day in and day out, producing work that feels lifeless and stilted? Are you approaching projects with a highly detailed and technical style, when one project might need the rough contours of an idea and another might need something entirely different? For decades, designers have been taught how to create a variety of artwork styles with a variety of pencil types. From the hard-tipped precision of a 7H to the soft, smudgy quality of a 6B, different pencils allow you to approach ideas in different ways. Join John as he explains how to add tools to your “pencil case” and how to use them in new ways – even when it feels uncomfortable – to develop fresh, inspired solutions. You'll understand what your current go-to “pencil” is… and learn when, on a project, it’s time to explore and try a new one. You'll explore new ways to innovate your own, and your team’s, creative development process and encourage your organization to experiment with new approaches. And finally, you'll discover tactics for bringing your team along on your creative journey.