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Advertise with the RGD

With 4,000 Members across Canada and a far-reaching network of over 50,000 individuals, the Association of Graphic Designers (RGD), can help you reach a broad audience of creative communications professionals whether you are looking to sell to, hire or support this community.

Screenshot of the RGD Website's bottom sidebar, showing an example of sidebar ads Example of Sidebar Ad

Membership benefits

RGD Members get complimentary advertising benefits depending on the category of their Membership. The allotted amounts can be used by Members to select a combination of website, e-newsletter and social media ads.

  • Team Members: $2000
  • Certified RGDs: $1500 
  • Affiliate Members: $500

Additional ads can be purchased at a 50% discount.  

RGD website 

The ads are featured on the sidebar and in the feed of the website, depending on the placement of ad selected. The frequency of the ads is determined by an in-built website algorithm (tier 1 ads show up at a higher frequency than tire 2 ads).


  • 4 ads, 2 months, sidebar and feed, tier 1 frequency: $1500
  • 4 ads, 2 months, sidebar or feed, tier 1 frequency: $1000
  • 4 ads, 1 month, sidebar and feed, tier 1 frequency: $1000
  • 2 ads, 1 month, sidebar or feed, tier 1 frequency: $750
  • 2 ads, 1 month, sidebar and feed, tier 2 frequency: $750
  • 2 ads, 2 weeks, sidebar, tier 2 frequency: $500


  • Please share each ad in 3 sizes to allow for optimal viewing across the site: 332 x 288px, 496 x 272px and 260 x 260px.
  • We require a title text (max 50 characters), a URL (which links the title text) and a company name.
Screenshot of the RGD Website Homepage, with a blue rectangle highlighting the Ad slot in the spotlight feed Example of Feed Ad

RGD word e-newsletter (23k+ subscribers)

  • Large Leaderboard Ad: 1st placement $500/ad (specs:1584 x 488px)
  • Large Leaderboard Ad: 2nd placement $300/ad (specs:1584 x 488px) 
  • Community News Box Ad:  $250/ad (specs: 570 x 375px)
  • Text Ad: $50/ad (50 words MAX, option to include links)

View past issues and subscribe to the RGD Word e-newsletter. 

Examples of e-Newsletter ads Example of RGD Word e-newsletter Ad

Social media

Instagram (16k+ followers)

  • Story: $200/per story
  • Shared Story: $150/per story
  • Reel: $500/per reel*

*Price includes a 15-minute consultation with RGD communications staff member to ensure proposed content will be authentic and appropriately targets our audience. Content to be provided by advertiser and posted by the RGD.

LinkedIn (20k+ followers)

  • Post: $300/per post
  • Shared Post: $250/per post

All ads need to be approved by the RGD

Examples of Social Media Ads. On the left, Instagram Reel Ad; on the right, LinkedIn Post Ad Examples of Social Media Ads