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Jan 03, 2022

Designing for Your Customer’s Customer

John Furneaux RGD

About this video


As designers, many of us have heard clients say, “I don’t like this…” or “I think it should look like…”. And, as they are your client, their opinion is the final word - correct? Well, no, not really – in many cases your direct client isn’t the target audience, and a more strategic and less subjective approach is required. Participants in this workshop will learn how to develop straightforward customer value proposition statements and persuasive target audience mood boards to define more clearly who we are designing for and what design approach would work with them.

About John Furneaux RGD, Principal At B3 Strategy
John is the founder and the creative and strategic lead at B3 Strategy, a collaborative consultancy, working directly with clients to understand their needs and deliver insightful solutions. His contribution to both strategic and creative processes create distinctive visual and verbal communications that forge emotional, engaging connections with audiences. For 30 years John has worked closely with organizations of all sizes – from entrepreneurial start-ups to global leaders. His award-winning experience spans a broad range of brand image and identity programs, as well as the communications and marketing initiatives that bring brands to life. Some of the notable brands he has worked with include Algonquin College, ALS Canada, BMO, CreateTO, Dundee, Milestones Restaurant, Oak Valley Health, Shoppers Drug Mart, Stratford Festival and the University of Toronto. Prior to founding B3 Strategy, John held leadership positions at a number of leading brand consultancies including Identica Branding, karacters design group, Ove Design and Publicis Brand|Design. John also teaches Design Strategy and Leading Design Teams at George Brown College in their Design Management Program. He is a Past President of RGD, and is an active speaker and contributor in the design industry.