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Kathleen ScottRGD


  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Communications
  • Design Management

Kathleen Scott RGD

Kathleen is an award-winning graphic designer who brings creative solutions to corporate communications. For over a decade, she has been Creative Strategy Team Lead at Bruce Power where they deliver all things design, including a complete rebrand for the company in 2019. In 2017, they were honoured to be the design partner for RGD’s In-House Design Awards. She often moderates webinars and leads initiatives that support in-house designers.

Tiverton, ON

Creative Strategy Team Lead @ Bruce Power


I'm an RGD Member because...

“the association has been an invaluable resource at every stage of my my career. From being a student and getting my portfolio reviewed, to being a team of one and needing resources, to now, running an in-house design team and having a network of peers that I can talk to, I've gained so much from being an RGD member.”