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John deWolfRGD

  • Branding
  • Exhibit Design
  • Wayfinding

John deWolf RGD

Throughout his 30-year career, multi-disciplinary designer John deWolf has designed print, exhibitions, signage and wayfinding, brands, and interior environments. His many skills include designing accessible, inclusive communication systems, particularly for diverse audiences. 

Design is not only physical and aesthetic, but also cognitive and experiential. Process, program, system, story, service, and experience are integral to Mr. deWolf's interdisciplinary approach.

As a counterbalance to consumer culture, Mr. deWolf advocates sustainability, inclusivity, and social and community awareness. 

John is driven by a desire to preserve culture and heritage, and develop public initiatives that benefit the community.

Halifax, NS

Member since October 26, 2017

Principal @ Narrative Environments Studio


photo of signage
photo of signage

Examining different opinions of key figures in branding—Marty Neumeier, Michael Bierut and others, this webinar looks at different perspectives on branding and its relationship to wayfinding programs. Topics that will be addressed include:-...