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Why Graphic Culture Matters

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Why Graphic Culture Matters

Virtual Wednesday April 24 @ 1 pm ET

Free for Members and Non-Members

Why Graphic Culture Matters

Virtual Wednesday April 24 @ 1 pm ET

Join the upcoming virtual conversation to explore the profound influence of design on society beyond its creative aspects. Hosted by DesignMeets, this event will delve into the impact of design on the world and its intricate connection to the broader cultural spectrum.

Renowned author Rick Poynor, known for his work "Why Graphic Culture Matters," will lead the discussion. Within his book, Poynor has curated 46 essays that guide readers through the intricate journey of graphic design. These essays cover various facets of the field, including its commercial dominance, the evolution of design critique, the interplay between text and imagery, the phenomenon of design celebrity, and the deep connection between art and design.

Through "Why Graphic Culture Matters," Poynor challenges participants to critically examine the role of graphic design in contemporary society. He advocates for the importance of critical writing and discussion within the field, urging individuals to explore the deeper cultural roots behind their work rather than focusing solely on surface-level showcases.

This event serves as a call to action for the design community, reminding attendees that design is not merely a tool for consumerism but a dynamic and culturally significant force deserving of attention, critique, and celebration.

Join this DesignMeets event for an insightful exploration of the power and importance of graphic culture in society. Whether you're a designer, a critic, or simply curious about the intersection of design and culture, this conversation promises to inspire and enlighten.

Check out the book — Why Graphic Culture Matters, by Rick Poyner, published by Occasional Papers.

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