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Case StudyApr 05, 2024

Passion Projects by Certified RGDs

Written by Fidel Pena-Guzman RGD, Liz Wurzinger RGD, Sebastian Abboud RGD, and Catherine Charbonneau RGD, Catherine Charbonneau
Project: "Face. Deface." by Fidel Peña

Four RGD Members share personal projects that have enabled them to stretch their creative boundaries, experiment freely and present their perspectives and passions

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August: Cover Design 

By Catherine Charbonneau RGD, Freelance Graphic Designer

As a personal project, Catherine reimagined the cover design for The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. Noting the elements of time-travel and modern fantasy, she experimented with tactile material as well as Adobe Firefly to explore concepts. Analogue techniques breathe life into printed papers, shaping and texturing them to produce captivating effects. The resulting typographic cover, adorned with a swirling vortex, serves as a visual representation of the novel's exploration of circular lives and the ripple effect of our actions. While distinct from conventional fantasy cover designs, the colour scheme subtly hints at the genre, inviting readers into a world of modern fantasy and adventure.

"The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August" final book cover

Face. Deface. 

Fidel Peña-Guzman, Creative Director, Underline Studio

As a response to the state of emergency declared in El Salvador two years ago, the 5th is a series of newspapers designed and produced by Underline Studio that delves into the shift towards dictators in the Americas. This edition allows readers to make their own versions of a dictator by adding stickers to faces marked by death and evil or by choosing not to alter them. The dictators featured in this issue are Jorge Videla, Augusto Pinochet, Nayib Bukele and Daniel Ortega. Proceeds from the sale of this paper support the work of Kolectivo San Jacinto, an alternative media organization that presents the various realities, problems and situations of El Salvador. 

Multiple posters for Fidel Peña's "Face. Deface." project

Moment of Rest 

By Liz Wurzinger RGD, Freelance Graphic Designer

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, as a new mother, Liz initiated a personal project "Moment of Rest—a limited edition hand-bound booklet inspired by her journey of motherhood and separation from family. The booklet features a collection of lullabies sung by friends in various languages including Portuguese, German, Spanish, English and the Indigenous Nahuatl language. Inclusion of a QR code linking to an online song library enhances accessibility and convenience for users. Notably, the unique patterns within the booklet serve as visual cues, facilitating pre-verbal children in selecting their desired lullaby by recognizing the corresponding patterns.

Moment of Rest open book preview

Shows I wish I went to 

Sebastian Abboud RGD, Freelance Illustrator & Designer

Sebastian initiated "Shows I Wish I Went To" poster series earlier this year to explore various elements of design. With a focus on gig posters, this project serves as a creative playground for Sebastian, where he experiments with typography, composition, imagery and illustration. Each poster, designed in a standard 18"x24" format suitable for screen printing, showcases Sebastian's dedication to pushing his creative boundaries. With six posters already completed, Sebastian's goal with this personal project is to produce 12 posters by the end of 2024. 

Three (3) posters for Sebastian Abboud's SIWIWT series. Shows: Action Bronson, Fleet Foxes, GOAT

Sebastian Abboud RGD

I’ve been lucky enough to work with brands, products, and people from all over the globe and I’m always open to new projects and collaborations. Select Clients: Adobe, Canada Skateboard, Collective Arts, Figma, Google, Hemlock, Highlights Magazine, Intercom, Okanagan Spring, Passion Planner, Pitch, Shopify, Snapchat, tentree, Upwork, VI Brewing.

Catherine Charbonneau RGD

Catherine Charbonneau

Whether it’s the Archie comics I read all the time as a kid or the countless brochures, signs, bookmarks, and other ephemera that make up everyday life, I’ve always been fascinated by how words and pictures are put together on different mediums.

Following my design studies at Concordia University, I joined the team at Groupe d’édition la courte échelle as a graphic designer and production coordinator where my work was recognized by Applied Arts and the Alcuin Society Book Design Awards.

My high standards of quality, attention to detail and organizational skills are assets that I enjoy sharing with my collaborators to create design that exceed expectations.

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