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Sept 03, 2019

Typeface Design Basics: From Paper to Screen

Andrea Rodriguez RGD

About this video


Andrea holds an MA in Art Direction, A Typeface Design certificate and a BDes in Graphic Design. She has over 7 years of experience both national and international; working for companies such as Lacoste, TFO, InsideBoard and Canadian Tire. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and has been recognized worldwide. Andrea is based in Toronto, having just recently moved back from Paris.

Andrea Rodriguez RGD

Andreacataro Creative Services

I am a passionate designer and art director based in Toronto with over 12 years of experience in the field. My approach to design is to create solutions that communicate a meaningful message. I prioritize typography, respect the grid and ensure that each piece serves a purpose, following the fundamentals of design. My specialties include illustration, lettering and digital campaigns. I take a 360-degree approach to design that focuses on concept development and visual storytelling. I am committed to working with not-for-profit organizations that support women, minorities and marginalized groups. My education in Canada and France has given me a unique perspective that blends international experience with a commitment to enhancing Latin American representation in Canada. My philosophy is to design with a purpose and create work that my clients and their audiences can be proud of. I also specialize in creating vibrant and whimsical murals that transform spaces with joy and colour. My designs are inspired by the rich tapestry of Latin American culture, especially my Colombian roots. I celebrate nature, lettering and wildlife in my designs, fostering community identity and well-being. My aim is to enrich public spaces, making art accessible and enjoyable for all.