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Nov 02, 2018

The needle moves both ways by Michael Lejeune

Michael Lejeune
Michael Lejeune on stage presenting

About this video


Intrepid LA correspondent brings puzzling updates from the Land of Trafficus Horriblus. Falling ridership and rising car sales are the first data omens that LA grand experiment in massive change may not be all we designed it to be. So, what now? Join Michael as he scratches his head, live onstage, and ponders how to rally creative communication to move needles in the right direction. It a DesignThinkers cliff-hanger, with eye candy and more than a bit of humility to season the tale.


Michael Lejeune

As Creative Director of Metro Los Angeles, Michael leads a 30-person in-house studio, a nimble and strategic change agent that creates all things visual for the third-largest transit agency in the US. Their work covers advertising, websites and mobile experiences, environmental graphics, special event design, timetables, maps, fare media and customer information, bus and rail fleet design, merchandising and much more. Metro’s design work has received more than 100 design awards and recognitions since Michael joined the agency in 2002.