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Jan 03, 2023

Articulating the Value of Design by Stephen Gates

Stephen Gates presenting

About this video


Almost every team struggles with articulating the value of design because it isn't something you can measure with one metric or KPI. We all have to understand that design is an output and an outcome. Join Stephen to hear from his experiences and his roadmap to understanding creating and then articulating the value of design within your company.

Stephen Gates
Stephen is a global design leader specializing in building world-class organizations that integrate research and data with human-centred methods to drive a long term vision and near term business impact. He currently leads WW's product design, omni-channel experience insights, product research, service design and applied behavioural science teams across all digital, virtual and physical touchpoints, designing WW's industry-leading wellness experiences. He previously worked at InVision, Citi, Starwood Hotels and McCann Erickson, building teams that created award-winning global advertising campaigns, multiple Fortune 100 brands and innovative digital experiences. He shares what he has learned through his international speaking engagements and his award-winning podcast, The Crazy One, an in-depth exploration of issues that matter to creatives, including leadership, creativity and career development, innovation and more.