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Nov 27, 2013

Systems + Stories

Chloe Gottlieb

About this video


When we design systems, we think about their usefulness and ability to engage people over time. The best designed platforms grow more valuable with repeat use. When we design communications, we think about how interesting our stories will be. The best communications are ones that people care to share. When combined, stories and systems form a ‘whole idea’ that can both engage and entice. Working simultaneously on top-down storytelling and bottom-up platform design requires increased collaboration among copywriters, visual designers, experience designers and technologists. This talk will showcase examples of the best work in this space and explore new methods for how to create at the exciting intersection of Systems + Stories.


Chloe Gottlieb

As SVP, Executive Creative Director, at R/GA, Chloe is responsible for leading and managing R/GA’s Experience Design department, where she provides the vision for the largest experience design team in the industry and encourages the creation of user-centered experiences that integrate seamlessly into consumers’ lives. Through Chloe’s leadership and direction, the experience design team has originated groundbreaking work at R/GA, including campaigns for Nike+ and Nokia viNe.