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Feb 22, 2024

Photography and the Creative Workflow

About this video


Photography and the Creative Workflow
In this session, join Lightroom PM Matt Rae as we take a look at the role photography plays within our creative world across a variety of disciplines, and how Lightroom can power more efficient photography workflows with AI powered tools. If you're newer to Lightroom, we'll cover an overview of key workflows to help you craft images whether you're designing software, social graphics, print media and more, and showcase some tips and tricks for working in Lightroom, across Desktop, Mobile and Web.

About Matt Rae

Matt is a product designer, photographer, writer and speaker. Matt has spent the last decade in a variety of roles across various industries like travel, autonomous vehicles, Education technology and creative design tooling. As a Senior Product Manager at Adobe Lightroom, Matt now spends his time focused on enabling anyone to become a better photographer and enjoys working with the community to build better photography experiences.