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Oct 15, 2015

Panel: Client Confidential

Lionel Gadoury RGD

About this video


Join us as we encourage a diverse panel of clients to lay it all out on the table — the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to working with a graphic designer. From honoring your word to admitting when you make a mistake, clients will share their insights and advice in a lively conversation-style format. The designer and the client are often of two different minds, but must be able to forge a meaningful relationship in order to work together effectively. Find out what irks clients, and what they love. Learn what really matters to them when they're looking to hire, and what you can do to get re-hired or recommended. Ultimately, through this panel discussion you will get best practices for client relations…directly from the source. 

This panel will be moderated by:

  • Lionel Gadoury RGD, Founder of Context Creative

    Participants include: 
  • Laura Piché RGD, Manager of Global Marketing at Redpath;
  • Steve Virtue, Sr. Director of Public Affairs at the Prospectors Developers Association of Canada and former Director of Marketing Communications at OCAD University.
  • Roopa Unnikrishnan, Organizational Consultant