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Jun 01, 2022 Available for 3 days

Designers. Ugh! Clients. Ugh! Honestly, fuck this noise

Dominic Ayre RGD

About this video


Dominic is over design. Done. Well, actually, he is not over design. But he is over the people who often come with design. The craft of graphic design is the heart of our profession, but the real art of our business is the ability to manage our anxieties while also managing various types of people. Dominic will use stories from his years in the industry to highlight the ways he has contended with stupid requests, pampered enormous egos and stick handled the ludicrous ideas that come from the wildly unpredictable personalities that surround us everyday.

About Dominic Ayre RGD
Dominic is a Partner and Creative Director at Hambly & Woolley. He graduated from The Bournemouth & Poole College in the UK and has worked in Toronto as a designer for more than 25 years. At H&W, Dominic focuses on high-level strategic initiatives with clients such as York University, CaseWare, University of Toronto, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, RTO/ERO and Quadrangle Architects. Currently on faculty at George Brown College, Dom is an enthusiastic mentor to new designers and is well known within the design community for his expertise in branding, typography, web platforms, design trends and popular culture.