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Nov 02, 2011


Steve Edge

About this video


Lateralism is a movement of lateralists: people who think creatively and from different perspectives. What lateral means, in short, is sideways. What it means for us is a new view, an innovative way of thinking and challenging what is normally just accepted. It’s sidestepping the obvious and challenging assumptions. It’s fresh, reinvigorating, exciting. The term lateral is the foundation of Edge Design Ltd. It's our philosophy and underlies every idea and project that we huddle over in our studio. It’s our movement.


Steve Edge

As a result of his severe dyslexia, Steve Edge’s love of the arts grew to become his life's main focus. In particular, he contracted a raging case of advertising and branding fever. At 15, he won a National Young Artist’s Award that caught the attention of a top London graphic design studio that offered him a job as a junior designer. Today, Steve presides over his own in-demand design studio, where his clients include Cartier, Christian Dior, Marks & Spencer, Purdey Gun & Rifle Makers and Hamleys Toy Store.