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Nov 02, 2020

Designing a Small Business

Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon, Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierski, Pali Palavathanan

About this video


Marketing plans, financial reports and contracts are not what creative dreams are made of. But they are an integral part of any small business. How do you achieve success establishing and maintaining a small design studio? How do you define success over the short and long-term of a studio’s existence? Join three sets of owners of acclaimed creative boutique as they describe their journeys and offer insights from what they’ve learned along the way and then answer audience questions.

Escape in Reality
Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierski are a creative studio based in New York focused on exploring inspiration and experience and how they go hand in hand in informing us on how we see the world. They create their work so they can further relationships and the optimism of human potential. They can share their escapism with others, so that others may find refuge in their own worlds and feel inspired to build something for themselves.

Becoming Champions
Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon are co-founders of Champions Design. In March 2020, just before the world changed, they launched a rebrand of the company they founded ten years ago. The strategic principles turned out to be a guiding light through the current moment: Stand for something. Challenge biases. Earn trust. Empower others. Overdeliver.

Making Money & Staying Ethical
Can you be a profitable small business while sticking to your principles as a creative and responding to global issues? TEMPLO co-founder Pali Palavathanan dissects the uncomfortable line between capitalism and ethics within emerging design practices.


Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon


Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierski


Pali Palavathanan