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Nov 06, 2009

Iron Fists

Steven Heller

About this video


In his latest book, Iron Fists, Steven focuses on the use and abuse of type and image in the service of four totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. Each one used branding techniques to impress its respective ideologies and images on the masses. Join Steven as he discusses how power is communicated through graphic design and offers a double dose of communication strategy and the history that proves its effectiveness.


Steven Heller

Steven Heller is co-chair and co-founder of the MFA Designer As Author courses as well as co-founder of the MFA in Design Criticism (DCrit) and MFA Interaction Design programs at the School of Visual Arts. He was an art director at The New York Times for 33 years. He is a contributing writer for and writes The Daily Heller at He is author, co-author and editor of over 120 books, including Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design, Swastika: A Symbol Beyond Redemption, Paul Rand, Graphic Design History and The Design Entrepreneur. He is a contributing editor to Print, Eye, ID and Baseline.