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Nov 06, 2016

Making Eye Candy into Design History - A Story of Addiction

Steven Heller

About this video


Steven Heller surveys his passion / addiction for the artifacts that are the foundations of graphic design and popular culture histories. Design practice is one part inspiration, two parts talent and many parts knowledge and insight into the past and present. It is not enough to be an island - design today is interconnected with history and more. 


Steven Heller

Steven Heller is co-chair of the MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program and the SVA Masters Workshop in Rome. He writes for WIRED online and The Daily Heller / Imprint online. Steven has authored more than 170 books including: The Design Entrepreneur ; Design Literacy ; Citizen Designer ; Iron Fists: Branding the 20th Century Totalitarian State and 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design . His latest release is The Graphic Design Idea Book. He is a contributing editor for Print, Design Observer and Eye. Steven is recipient of the Art Directors Club Special Educators Award, the AIGA Medal for Lifetime Achievement, the School of Visual Arts’ Masters Series Award and the 2011 National Design Award for “Design Mind”.