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Sept 02, 2023

How to create and sustain a design vision/practice in a high-growth company

Medea Mahmoudian

About this video


A high-growth company has a very evolving ambience. Plans, budgets, resources, priorities, etc. keep changing all the time. Crafting a design vision for this kind of environment requires a particular strategy and mandates that not only serve the system, but also evolve in a scalable manner as the business grows.

Join Medea as she helps you to understand:
- How to remain calm, focused and innovative when exposed to constant changes and uncertainties.
- How to identify and focus on priorities as a design leader or manager
- How to effectively manage communication both internally and external to the Design team while planning and strategizing business solutions


Medea Mahmoudian

Medea is a Design Leader with two decades of combined global experience in Product Design, Digital Advertising and Brand experiences. During this time, she has helped enterprises and start-ups (B2B, B2C) to create product experiences and UX practices that serve a well-connected ecosystem of the global market and user set(s). Working globally with various industries has given her a strategic vision to build, optimize, scale and lead diverse teams focused on crafting customized processes, and helping businesses to scale and grow effectively. Medea is very engaged in sharing knowledge, helping aspiring talents who like to make a career shift to explore UX world, coaching different levels of Design leads and Design Managers to find their next strong steps or how to tackle their daily challenges, and Advisor to early stage startups and new business.