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Sept 15, 2021

Freshly Certified: In-House Edition

Emma Tarswell RGD, Caroline Toth RGD, Olivia Burton RGD, and Diana Castaneda RGD

About this video


Join our diverse panelists of recently Certified RGDs as they break down their case study processes and answer questions about their experiences. This Webinar is perfect for the designer looking to see and learn how others present their work succinctly and effectively in the virtual world. Also, if you are thinking about getting Certified and want to see examples of how to do the presentation portion and create your case studies, this is the Webinar for you.

Presentation 1
Olivia touches on the process of Certification application and how it all went, in addition to the preparation she did leading up to the portfolio presentation. The case study she presents is the Benefits by Design's Brand Identity. She touches on how long this whole process took from start to finish and the difficulties that had to be overcome when working with many different internal opinions.

About Olivia Burton RGD
Olivia is a visual communicator and has been working in the field of graphic and brand design for the past 5 years primarily in in-house design positions. Olivia is currently working as the lead in-house graphic and brand designer at Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc. She is also an active freelancer specializing in brand identity design. Olivia loves to work on brand designs for businesses especially locally in the Kingston community. She has worked with a number of business owners in Kingston to design their dream brand identity.

Presentation 2
The TRIUMF rebrand: TRIUMF 50<sup>th</sup>anniversary provided a natural opportunity to consider the lab brand identity, including the visual look and feel, how TRIUMF shares its story, and a stronger and unified foundation for future science communications. The story of the TRIUMF rebrand is relevant for in-house creatives because itshows what design thinking processes can bring to internal and external collaborations in fields outside the creative industry, with small but mighty teams.

About Diana Castaneda RGD
In her role as the Senior Graphic Designer at TRIUMF, Diana has art directed award-winning projects through close collaboration with scientists, engineers and science communicators. Diana dedicates her spare time to the Blueridge Chamber Music Festival as a board member and lead designer. She believes in the permanent relevance of design for making the world a better place. Her obsessively curious mind never stops producing innovative and crafted solutions for the causes that she believes in.

Presentation 3
At the end of every fiscal year, CIFAR delivers an annual report to its board members and the government of Canada. Beyond the goal of creating a compendium of the year activities, this annual report had the additional goal of expanding the CIFAR brand.

About Emma Tarswell RGD
Emma is the senior graphic designer at CIFAR where she oversees and manages all print and digital work for the organization, providing creative ideas to align with CIFAR's brand messaging. Prior to working with CIFAR, she was the senior web and digital communications specialist at the Mowat Centre. She attended Simon Fraser University for a Masters of Publishing degree.

Presentation 4
The 2020-21 Visual Campaign that was developed for CPABC's Professional Development department (with a focus on the Fall/Winter Course Catalogue launched in September 2020).

About Caroline Toth RGD
Caroline started her career working in print and spent over a decade in magazine publishing as an Art Director for local titles in Vancouver. She is currently the in-house Graphic Designer for Chartered Professional Accountants of BC where her role includes managing CPABC branding activities; including the creation, layout, and production of publications and collateral as well as ensuring quality control and branding consistency for communications across CPABC departments. She became a Certified RGD in February 2021.

Emma Tarswell RGD

Emma Tarswell is a versatile designer specializing in corporate communications and editorial design. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Emma excels in crafting captivating design that seamlessly integrate text and imagery to tell compelling stories across mediums.

Emma holds a Masters of Publishing from Simon Fraser University and is a certified member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers.

Caroline Toth RGD

Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia

With over two decades of design experience, Caroline has navigated the design industry, transitioning from print, to editorial/publishing, to her current role in the world of corporate communications and marketing. Her artistic foundation is built upon a BFA (York University) and was focused by earning her BDes in Communications (Emily Carr University).

As Art Director at St. Joseph's Media (Vancouver), Caroline demonstrated strong leadership, collaborating effectively with the editorial team and freelancers to oversee the production of multiple titles annually.

Currently, Caroline leverages her design expertise at the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC). She manages their branding and design campaigns, ensuring consistency and excellence across all communication channels. This involves participating in concept/strategy discussions and creating final deliverables such as publications, print collateral, and digital assets.

Caroline became a Certified RGD in February 2021.