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Nov 05, 2023

The Racial Politics of Graphic Design

Neela Imani
Neela Imani on stage speaking

About this video


Join Neela as she unwraps the generation and reproduction of racism in packaging and label design. Neela's analysis of graphic-designed, consumer packaged goods shows themes of scientific and cultural racism, (self) orientalism and cultural appropriation, among others. Adopting an anti-racist framework, this session offers transversal cosmopolitanism (transversalism) as a modality for decolonial praxis within graphic design.


Neela Imani

Neela is an interdisciplinarian. Student and practitioner of art & design. MA candidate with a focus on racist typologies and anti-racist literacy. Afghan settler on Turtle Island exploring the confluence of her identity. Inquisitive. Transversalist. Passionate about transformative pedagogy and praxis. Recognized for academic distinction, entrepreneurialism and innovation.