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May 27, 2021

Freshly Certified — Signage & Wayfinding Case Studies

Ross Chandler RGD, Rina Alfonso RGD, Lindsay Pihach RGD, and Brian Banton RGD

About this video


Join our diverse panelists of recently Certified RGDs as they break down their case study processes and answer questions about their experiences. This Webinar is perfect for the designer looking to see and learn how others present their work succinctly and effectively in the virtual world. Also, if you are thinking about getting Certified and want to see examples of how to do the presentation portion and create your case studies, this is the Webinar for you. Do you find the process of presenting your portfolio nerve-wracking? Wouldn't it be great to not only see examples of engaging projects, but also how they're put together for prospective clients or employers?

About our Presenters

Brian Banton RGD
A multidisciplinary designer, originally from Toronto, Canada, Brian has worked as a Senior Designer at Pentagram’s New York City office, a Principal Designer at Frog Design’s Brooklyn office, and as a Visual Designer for Oculus VR at Facebook Reality Labs in Menlo Park, California. After completing a Master’s Degree in design in Toronto, Brian designed award winning books, identity systems, and motion graphics for cultural and non-profit institutions, before heading to New York City. Brian has worked with an array of clients, small and large, in the commercial and non-profit space, leveraging design, strategy, and technology to create scalable, human-centered, and delightful experiences.

Case study description: To supplement their exhibition Music To Your Eyes, Design duo Wade & Leta commissioned me to create a virtual reality experience that could bring gallery visitors even deeper into their fantastical world. The project provides a small glimpse into what experiences Virtual Reality can unlock for experiential design.

Lindsay Pihach RGD
Lindsay is an in-house graphic designer for SilverStar Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC which is a year-round tourist destination. As an in-house designer, she provides design solutions across all business units within the resort. She has worked in a variety of design roles over the past 8 years of her career. From working with clients in retail, cosmetics, automotive and most recently the ski and bike industry; she showcases a high level of adaptability and brings an extensive background of design knowledge to all her projects. Lindsay is a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College.

Case study description: SEISMIC is a collaboration of the ski and bike industries, bringing together sport, business, art, culture, culinary and community into a 10-day mountain festival.

Rina Alfonso RGD
Rina is the founder and creative director of Studio Aorta, a certified small, woman and minority-owned design agency in Washington, DC, USA that specializes in exhibit and graphic design. She is also a part time senior lecturer in the MFA Museum Exhibition Planning and Design program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, and serves on the Steering Committee of the American Alliance of Museums’ Independent Museum Professionals Network.

Case study description: Home/Brewed is an exhibit at the Heurich House Museum in Washington, DC that uses the lens of history to examine local Washington, DC culture during the height of prominence of the Christian Heurich Brewing Co. from the mid-19th to early 20th century.

Ross Chandler RGD
Ross is a 15 year veteran of the graphic design industry and founder/creative director at the brand design studio, Becoming Design Office. He is a graduate of OCADU where he won the school medal for editorial design and went on to work at leading creative studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Tokyo, before settling in Victoria, BC. His approach to design is process-based, strategic and often relies heavily on typography, which he believes is the cornerstone of applied design.

Case study description: Matthew Soules Architecture invited us to collaborate on creating graphics and content for a permanent public art installation for the high street of UniverCity at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby Mountain campus. The project required us to develop content and graphics to match the future primitive shape and mood of the structures. Inspired by the Rosetta Stone, each concrete piece (a total of 50 pieces) bears information about Burnaby Mountain in the Roman alphabet, braille, and a 26 character pictographic alphabet, created by us. A legend for the pictographs was created and placed strategically on select pieces for locals and visitors to decode the messaging. We worked with Matthew and his team to create expanded design files of each structure. We then created a standard baseline upon which the characters would sit. This would ensure that when stories went around corners of the structure, there would be correct alignment. This was key and challenging as the structures were complex geometric shapes.

Ross Chandler RGD

Becoming Design Office Ltd.