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May 18, 2022

Freshly Certified: Educator Edition

Diana Varma RGD, and Bianca DiPietro RGD

About this video


Do you find the process of presenting your portfolio nerve-wracking? Wouldn't it be great to not only see examples of engaging projects, but also how they're put together for prospective clients or employers? Join our panel of recently Certified RGDs as they break down their case study processes and answer questions about their experiences. This Webinar is perfect for the designer looking to see and learn how others present their work succinctly and effectively in the virtual world. Also, if you are thinking about getting Certified and want to see examples of how to do the presentation portion and create your case studies, this is the Webinar for you.

Case Study: Denmark Charrette: Advising on a International Design Charrette Challenge at KEA in Denmark where students tackled the theme of ‘Connecting Communicates'

About Bianca DiPietro RGD
Bianca is designer, educator, and artist who is interested in discovering meaningful work and finding ways to uncover true personal impact. Previously a FT educator, but currently she is combining her passions for design and food as the Creative Lead on the Brand team for HelloFresh Canada. Bianca is a passionate thrifter and roller skater living and working out of Hamilton, ON

Case Study: Launched in late 2019 as a passion project (turned teaching tool), Talk Paper Scissors is a podcast about creativity in graphic communications with students collaboration a-plenty.

About Diana Varma RGD
Diana Varma is an award-winning Toronto-based university lecturer by day and an avid podcaster by night, where she helps students connect their technical left brains, creative right brains and entrepreneurial hearts for fulfilling careers in creative industries. She appreciates memes from The Office and Miss. Frizzle (of The Magic School Bus fame) is her teaching idol.

Diana Varma RGD

Toronto Metropolitan University

Diana Varma RGD is an award-winning design educator by day and a podcaster by night; getting creative with creatives about all things creative. She is a woman in STEAM who operates a traditional offset printing press, a variety of digital press technologies, as well as engaging in exploratory print-making practices such as LEGO letterpress. She teaches within the School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) and the Master of Digital Media (MDM) program at Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as through digital learning platform, Domestika.

Diana has written 150+ published articles in Graphic Arts Magazine and through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, as well as 170+ episodes through her podcast called Talk Paper Scissors, speaking with global experts about design, printing, typography, branding, books and publishing.

Diana holds the position of VP of Education on the RGD Board of Directors for Canada’s largest professional association for graphic designers and she’s actively involved in organizational initiatives, chairing the RGD’s Education Committee, regularly speaking at conferences and conducting workshops.

Bianca DiPietro RGD

HelloFresh Canada

My name is Bianca. I’m a designer, educator, and generally fearless human. I believe the best things happen when you’re absolutely audacious in your approach.

I was born to be a designer. My mom, a passionate teacher and illustrator, made me unafraid to be different and taught me to view the world as an endless creative opportunity. As a young adult, I followed my destiny and entered a Bachelor of Design program, followed by a Masters in Design. I devoured everything from the basics to the arbitrary nature of letterforms, and thrived.

After graduation, I put my creative spirit to work at agencies and magazines. I evolved alongside the world of design, picking up programming languages, web skills, leadership experience, and more. Over time people sought out my willingness to take risks and defy convention, and I’ve been running a successful freelance business since 2011.

In 2014, I returned to my roots and began teaching as a contract instructor at George Brown and Sheridan College. I found pure joy in connecting with students and quickly realized that teaching would be my most rewarding adventure. Learn more about my work as a teacher and mentor.

I bring the same energy to my life as I do to my work. I’m a coder, connoisseur of donuts and data visualization, runner of half marathons, charity rower, and a former member of the Hamilton Roller Derby League (but you’ll still catch me on skates most weeks).

In all my exploits, I am certain of one thing: you have to be fearless to be a true original.