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May 22, 2020

Design Educator Panel: What have we learned from COVID-19 about online learning?

Bianca DiPietro RGD

About this video


The first in a series that aims to help educators connect, share and thrive off each other in the design and education space. This series offers tips, dialogue, critical thought and a sense of community around design education. This panel discussed the challenges, barriers and opportunities that have arisen out of the need to transition education to a fully online format.

Topics covered:
- Key differences in online education vs in person specifically in design
- Specific barriers to online
- What tools are most effective
- Key benefits of this experience.
- How do we differentiate from a simple online course
- Key unexpected learnings

Moderated by Bianca DiPietro RGD, Program Coordinator Professor, Humber College Graphic Design Program
Bianca has over 10 years of experience in design, ranging from traditional branding to experiential and digital design. Currently Bianca is interested in discovering meaningful work and finding ways to uncover personal impact within the design discipline. This extends into creating engaging educational environments for her students and bringing real world experiences into the college ecosystem.


Douglas Davis
Douglas began his teaching career as an adjunct in tandem with his professional career, following in the footsteps of his mentors at Pratt Institute who worked during the day and taught at night. Currently, he is an associate professor within the Communication Design department at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. Douglas is a former adjunct professor at New York University in the Master in Integrated Marketing program and current adjunct associate professor at City College in the Branding and Integrated Communications (BIC) program.

Molly Hill RGD
Molly is currently a Professor/Program Coordinator in the Graphic Design Advanced Program at Conestoga College. Accredited by the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario she actively participates in Industry events. She enjoys contributing to a select number of projects through her freelance design consulting practice with a focus on supporting arts culture clients.

Chris Lange
Chris is a graphic designer and educator based in Toronto. With a passion for typography and accessibility, his design process begins with language itself working with those who wish to engage, stimulate, and respect the intellect of the individual—and community-alike. As Design Team Lead at Office/Bureau, his work is focused on identity and interactive projects. He teaches in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University and the School of Design at George Brown College. He considers his approach to teaching malleable and flexible, just like this bio.

Dr. Milena Radzikowska RGD
Milena has 75+ co-authored publications and presentations on data visualization, HCI, and information design, including the books: Visual Interface Design for Digital Cultural Heritage, Design + DH and Designing Better Futures. She has designed 36+ interactive tools and interfaces and, in 2018, won the prestigious Design Educator of the Year Award from RGD. Radzikowska is a Full Professor in Information Design at Mount Royal University.

Bianca DiPietro RGD

HelloFresh Canada

My name is Bianca. I’m a designer, educator, and generally fearless human. I believe the best things happen when you’re absolutely audacious in your approach.

I was born to be a designer. My mom, a passionate teacher and illustrator, made me unafraid to be different and taught me to view the world as an endless creative opportunity. As a young adult, I followed my destiny and entered a Bachelor of Design program, followed by a Masters in Design. I devoured everything from the basics to the arbitrary nature of letterforms, and thrived.

After graduation, I put my creative spirit to work at agencies and magazines. I evolved alongside the world of design, picking up programming languages, web skills, leadership experience, and more. Over time people sought out my willingness to take risks and defy convention, and I’ve been running a successful freelance business since 2011.

In 2014, I returned to my roots and began teaching as a contract instructor at George Brown and Sheridan College. I found pure joy in connecting with students and quickly realized that teaching would be my most rewarding adventure. Learn more about my work as a teacher and mentor.

I bring the same energy to my life as I do to my work. I’m a coder, connoisseur of donuts and data visualization, runner of half marathons, charity rower, and a former member of the Hamilton Roller Derby League (but you’ll still catch me on skates most weeks).

In all my exploits, I am certain of one thing: you have to be fearless to be a true original.