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Nov 11, 2020

Design Educator Panel: The facilitation versus delivery debate

Hyein Lee RGD
Graphic featuring photos of 5 panelists for The Design Educator panel

About this video


Our panel discuss the challenges, barriers and opportunities that have arisen out of the need to transition education to a fully online format. The third in a series that aims to help educators connect, share and thrive off each other in the design and education space. This series offers tips, dialogue, critical thought and a sense of community around design education.Each webinar will tackle a different topic in design academia.

This panel covers:
- Hackathons, charrettes, design jams, they are all popular, executed and exist in the college experience: How do we feel about them? Are they beneficial? In the college environment, should we deliver less, challenge more? What balance of facilitation vs delivery should we be aiming for?
- What produces the most talented and effective designers?
- How can we tailor the education space to attend to a variety of learners.

Moderated by Hyein Lee RGD, Professor of the Bachelor of Illustration Program at Sheridan College, Oakville, ON

- Andrew Boardman RGD,Instructor at the University of Manitoba Principal Owner of Manoverboard Inc., Winnipeg MB
- Xavier Massé, Professor/Coordinator of Interactive Media Management and Interaction Design Development atGeorge Brown College Founder of eM (Xavier Massé Design), Toronto, ON
- Sarah Rutherford, Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
- Miranda Ting, Curriculum Designer Educator at the University of Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, BC