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Nov 01, 2022

Defying Your Reality

Jennifer Taback RGD

About this video


A talk on how documented history, especially visual, is not always indicative of the knowledge, ideas and moments that should be shaping our reality.

About Jennifer Taback RGD
;Miikawaadizi Waaskonee Giizis Kwe is an urban, Indigenous member of the Shawanaga First Nation. Jennifer has worked in the design industry for over 15 years, with work experience ranging from research and assessments to implementation and support for both the private and public sector. She facilitates active discussions and goal setting, helping her clients build brands and communications that represent themselves, their communities and the mission they want to achieve. Understanding the fundamentals of business, networking, and politics, Jennifer sits on a number of boards to help provide insight and advice. Design de Plume is a women-led, Indigenously-owned design team that creates inclusive and accessible designs for social good.