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May 26, 2023

Equality in Design Curriculum

Nida Fatima

About this video


Collaboration is an essential part of the design process. However, in group-based learning environments, bold personalities easily take on leadership roles while introverts take on lesser roles, regardless of their expertise. How can we make learning design more inclusive and provide equal opportunities? In this presentation, Nida will present strategies for building the leadership and communication skills for designers of all types, whether they're naturally confident and assertive, quiet and shy, or somewhere in-between. Nida will discuss how educators can use behavioural management strategies to increase student engagement and participation. She’ll explain how, when students slip into their predefined roles, introvert, extrovert, etc., educators have an opportunity to show them an expanded version of themselves. Nida will explain how we change their existing mindset and teach them the value of taking risks and failing. By providing techniques and new ways of teaching, this presentation will give you ideas on how you can create more equality in your teams and classroom.


Nida Fatima