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Jan 03, 2022

Ideas from India

Divya Thakur

About this video


Divya presents Inspiring ideas from Ancient India to Rethink, Reimagine and Relive meaningful professional lives. Join her as she explains 8 ancient tenets that can be adopted into your current design practice along with examples from her own practice.


Divya Thakur

A virtual powerhouse of design thinking, product and practice, Divya, over a period of 20 years, has consistently blazed new paths across multiple disciplines from product design to graphic design, scenography to film titles and curation, making her a critical force in shaping taste and trend. She has desiged experiential spaces for some of India's finest luxury brands and curated multi-sensorial exhibits like Outpost at the Venice Biennale. She’s the founder of Design Temple – a luxury home accessories brand. And MoDE – the recently founded digital museum on Google Arts and Culture. The hallmark of her work is a unique blend of striking luxury, subtlety and style. Here career journey in interior design began with renovating a hundred-year-old penthouse (which she also calls home) as a passion project. The abode instantaneously garnered attention from the media and was featured in The Guardian, The New York Times and Vogue. Her key mission with any form of design continues to be the development of a contemporary Indian Design Language.