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Dec 24, 2022

Case Studies in Branding

Ian Scott RGD

About this video


In-house design teams have the benefit of becoming deeply familiar with their company's brand. They can make informed decisions on the brand's direction and day-to-day applications. But how do they keep their brand fresh, engaging and authentic? Join our presenters as they share in-house branding case studies and discuss considerations when working with their company's brand.

The Power of Brand Partnerships by Dee Sabado
Dee provides a closer look at the The Bay's new four-year partnership with the Toronto Raptors as the first and Official Style Partner for the team. Learn how The Bay design team shifted brand perception through this strong partnership and how they powered through design challenges through collaboration.

Confederation College Coffee Shop by Ian Scott RGD
In this case study, Ian walks us through the process of branding a coffee shop at Confederation College. The challenges of creating a sub-brand within the College's overall branding system are discussed, as well as the cultural considerations around incorporating design elements that are complementary to the Indigenous Peoples of the region.

Tips for Leading a Brand Refresh In-House by Jennifer Cook

What's the best way to approach a brand refresh led by the in-house team? Synthesizing a few tips learned from leading Science World's award-winning brand refresh, Jen walks us through how the in-house team kept the momentum up, leveraged their strengths and generated buy-in.