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Design Committee

What We do?

RGD’s Communications/Design committee helps guide the strategic direction of any creative contributed by our Design Partners.

Committee members are required to participate in meetings with our partners during business hours, discussing presented work and providing feedback. We advocate for the long-term outlook of RGD to be considered in the creative for all our initiatives.

This committee is invite-only. The goal is to keep the group small while ensuring we have diverse voices, covering multiple areas of design expertise and hailing from locations all across Canada.

RGD is privileged to have volunteers who contribute their time and energy regularly to further the mission of the Association. Members can also contribute design work pro bono. Those who partner with RGD also receive tangible compensation in the form of free tickets to our events.


If you are interested in becoming a Design Partner with RGD, please contact

Check out the 2024 Design Committee Report

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