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NewsJan 24, 2024

Elana Rudick RGD designs the 2024 Certification Sticker

Written by Elana Rudick RGD, Design Is Yummy
2024 RGD Certification Sticker with red and white star made weaving geometric shapes together. 2024 RGD Certification Sticker. Image: Elana Rudick RGD

A new year means a new Certification Sticker for Certified RGDs. Elana Rudick RGD shares the concept and process behind her design for the 2024 Sticker.

My design for the 2024 Certification Sticker celebrates the RGD as a central hub where designers can learn, share and grow as a community. Created by weaving shapes together, the symbol represents the synergy and collective strength formed when people come together and connect. 

Once the theme of ‘connection’ was approved, I got to work sketching. You'd think working within the constraints of a small sticker (less than 1”) and a limited colour palette would make the brief feel restrictive. I let myself flow and had fun exploring a multitude of ideas—some great, some awful and some just okay. As I filled pages in my sketchbook and dozens of post-its, the possibilities began to seem endless. Eventually I knew I'd have to commit to a direction.

Elana's initial sketches

It wasn’t until a conversation with fellow RGD Member Paul Twa Provisional RGD called me a “maker” that something clicked (thanks Paul!). It led me to thinking about traditional makers and craft. As one of the oldest crafts and an early means of artistic expression, weaving as a visual representation emerged. As I explored weaving geometric shapes together, things started to fall into place. The RGD's Design Committee loved the concept and selected this design because of its energy.

A series of 5 images deconstructing the weaved geometric figures that form the 2024 sticker

My hope is the design will resonate with RGD Members and make them feel #RGDProud. This initiative has welcomed designs from RGD Members across Canada over the past nine years, including:

  • 2013: Phil Mondor RGD in Kitchener
  • 2015: Design de Plume in Sudbury
  • 2016: Goodall Integrated Design in Toronto
  • 2017: Michael Zavacky RGD in Ottawa
  • 2018: Kyle Greenwood RGD in Toronto
  • 2019: Jennifer Weaymouth RGD in Toronto
  • 2020: Rod McDonald RGD in Halifax
  • 2021: Xandr Sutjiadi RGD in Calgary
  • 2022: Matthew Clark RGD in Vancouver
  • 2023: Raj Grainger RGD in Toronto

Elana Rudick RGD

Design Is Yummy

I'm the Founder & Creative Director of Montreal-based design studio Design Is Yummy. Over the past 15 years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with countless creatives, build successful design teams and foster meaningful relationships with clients. I speak on design and the business of it and mentor for the UI/UX Design Career Track at Springboard. When not working on my RGB glow, you can find me picking through design books or at home baking with my 2 small humans.

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