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Rupsha Mutsuddi


  • Accessibility
  • System Design
  • UX
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Rupsha Mutsuddi Provisional RGD

Rupsha is a Designer specializing in Human-Centered Design, an Emerging Design Educator, and an Emerging Design Researcher. Rupsha is pursuing her Master of Design at York. Her work involves looking at the intersection of design, accessibility, and everyday health management. Her research focuses on designing interventions in augmented reality to assist with everyday activities for people living with early-stage dementia aiming to enhance their quality of life through the integration of rituals and habits. Supported by the Government of Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant, she is working with people with dementia, their care partners, and community organizations across Ontario to design better ways to support people living with dementia in everyday life.

Identifies as a BIPOC Designer, Illustrator, Educator, and Researcher

Cambridge, ON

Member since May 06, 2022

Principal Designer / Freelance Designer @ Rupsha Mutsuddi


The best advice I've ever received is...

“There are two pieces of advice that I've gotten through RGD portfolio reviews in these early stages of my career that I find myself constantly coming back to. One is to never stop learning and exploring, which is of massive importance in this constantly changing industry. The other is to focus on cultivating good writing and communication skills.”

I'm an RGD Member because...

“Being engaged in the design community is so important, as an emerging designer you're still constantly learning and growing. It makes all the difference to be surrounded by a network of peers and mentors you can turn to for advice as you grow professionally”

You should hire me because...

“I am someone who thrives on challenging themselves and becoming better. Along with my design skills, I am known for my attention to detail, my drive, and my leadership skills. As an emerging educator, I enjoy mentoring my students and I am deeply committed to their success post-graduation.”