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NewsOct 30, 2023

The RGD unveils branding by Arcadis for our 2024 In-House Design Awards

A combination of rebellious creativity with playful energy describes the branding by our Design Partner Arcadis for the 2024 In-House Design Awards.

RGD In House Design Awards Illustration

We interviewed the team at Arcadis about their experience developing the concept and branding for the 2024 Awards. Here's what they had to say:

"Taking cues from the DIY ethos and the spirited aesthetics of punk culture, the design for the 2024 In-House Design Awards strikes a balance between edginess and corporate appeal by infusing a monoline icon style with unconventional, non-corporate symbols and design phrases. We also incorporated gritty textures to add a tactile, visceral quality to 'The In Club,' unifying in-house designers in a dynamic and enjoyable space," offers Linden Laserna, Senior Graphic Designer at Arcadis

Illustration saying: Fluent in Lorem Ipsum

The team at Arcadis hope that the design goes beyond instilling pride in in-house designers and exudes the spirit of a collective of underdogs that the entrants wholeheartedly embrace. On both local and international levels, they are rallying in-house designers to unite, acknowledge and celebrate their finest design achievements.

"One aspect that particularly excites us is the expansion of our design language across physical, digital and print platforms. We're keen to infuse these mediums with clever animations to enhance their dynamism and character. Crafting the physical award within the budget presents an intriguing design challenge that we're eager to tackle. Additionally, we look forward to expanding our selection of badge and sticker phrases, ensuring they resonate with the audience." says Melanie Carter RGD, Graphic Designer, Arcadis.

Illustration saying: Join In

With the audience being in-house graphic designers, the team had the creative freedom to infuse a punk aesthetic that resonated with their sentiments, rather than solely catering to the firms they represent.

"A key lesson we learned was the art of avoiding unnecessary complexity. We realized that any extraneous elements that didn't contribute to our concept had to be removed. We were doing this right up until the final day of delivering our materials." notes Ryan Megaffin, Multimedia Designer at Arcadis.

The In Club emblem, skull character and the quirky animated symbols are some of the favourite design details of the team.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2024 RGD In-House Design Awards!

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