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Certification Results

Online Test Evaluation

Each of the 5 sections of the Test has its own passing mark. All candidates must pass the Rules and Accessibility sections. Your Portfolio Presentation score determines how many of the other 3 sections of the Test you must pass. Based on your scores, you may be asked to write certain sections of the Online Test again until you receive the passing mark. If you fail any section 3 times, you must wait 6 months before trying again.

Portfolio Presentation Evaluation

After your virtual Presentation, each of your 3 Portfolio Evaluators completes an online form based on detailed evaluation criteria.

Download the evaluation criteria for Design Practitioners/Managers

If you fail the Presentation, you will receive suggestions for how you can improve your work and be invited to join as an Affiliate Member and reapply in 2 years time. (You can appeal the decision, in which case we will schedule a new Portfolio Presentation for you with 3 new Evaluators who have no knowledge of past results. You would present the same 6 pieces.)


In less than 2 weeks after you successfully complete the Online Test and Portfolio Presentation, you will receive an email with detailed results.

Download an example of the evaluation sheet you will receive as a Design Practitioner/Manager

Next Steps

Once you pass, you will be asked to submit an RGD Member Application Form and pay your annual membership dues. Please note, unless and until you are a Certified RGD Member in good standing of the Association, you may not use the RGD designation. Passing the Certification Process makes you eligible to become a Certified RGD but you are not one until you apply and are accepted for Certified RGD Membership.

Using the RGD Designation

RGDs are encouraged to use the RGD designation after their name wherever it appears in a professional context, including on your personal or firm website, in your LinkedIn profile and your C.V. In addition to receiving a certificate to post in your offices, you can also download a digital logo to include in printed and digital promotion.