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InspirationJan 11, 2023

Visual identity developed by Blok for Brampton arts organization

By Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Founder and Creative Director at Blok design


Formerly known as ACCIDA, this client needed a new name and redesign, given the organization’s shift in vision and purpose. We had to ensure that both the city and the artists felt like they had an identity that was a true reflection of their creative impetus.


Brampton Arts Organization (BAO) is a unique organization focused on advocating, amplifying and connecting the arts through a range of thoughtful programs and resources. From beginning work on the project, BAO and Blok believed that, for this project to be successful, it had to include a multiplicity of voices and visions. We decided to start this creative process by leading a strategic design workshop with the organization's Board as well as with the larger artistic community in the area. Listening to both groups share their thoughts about their city and their own artistic journeys with such spirit and sense of place was the guiding inspiration for the entire process.


Rooted in place — with a pride that comes from being from Brampton — it was an honour to create a visual language that is expressive of the vibrancy and soulfulness of this community. We designed a dynamic, expansive identity that is extremely recognizable for its boldness in colour and form yet has elasticity to hold various visual languages. The letters are obscured into forms that hold space and move and shift within different formats. The logo is in constant movement, reflective of an organization that is consistently re-defining itself to its moment and origins.


PR: Abigail Van Den Broek

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