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NewsJan 24, 2024

View our 10 most popular webinars of 2023

Screenshot accessibility webinar

From freelancing 101 to running an agency to designing for accessibility to wayfinding and signage, this list of our most attended webinars of 2023 has something for everyone.

The RGD hosts 3-4 professional development webinars per month (free for all RGD Members) covering a range of topics. Stay tuned for more great presentations coming in 2024.

10. Freelance without the free fall: Proposals

Presented by Faron Dawe RGD

In this webinar, Faron Dawe RGD shares how he approaches proposal-writing by walking through the general structure of a proposal, citing important information to include and how to present it to increase your chances for landing your next project.

9. How to start, run, grow and close an agency

Presented by Stuart Thursby

This webinar is for those thinking about starting their own thing—the wins, the losses, the things learned, the best resources and the "two big questions" Stuart kept asking himself at every key juncture: why am I doing this? And how/how else could that be accomplished?

8. Freelance without the free fall: Money management

Presented by Faron Dawe RGD

In this webinar, Faron Dawe RGD shares his formula for successfully managing administrative and financial tasks while doing the work you love stress-free.

7. Designing for voice: Learning from the disability community

Presented by Samuel Proulx

How can you allow for complex interactions without a screen? How can you allow users to express complex intentions without using a keyboard? In this webinar, you'll learn tips and techniques that will make sure you’re ready for the exciting future of voice-based design!

6. Design systems in practice: A step-by-step guide using figma

Presented by Michael Carrick and Philippe Gommes

In this webinar, learn how to use design systems in practice, using Figma as an example. You will learn how to create and customize different elements of a design system, including design components, styles and responsive layouts.

5. City wayfinding in toronto

Presented by Juan Rioseco RGD, Associate Director at Steer

In this presentation, Juan recollects the 'soup to nuts' story of the TO360 Wayfinding Strategy complex program and how each milestone contributed to a robust design solution reflective of Toronto's character and urban assets, supported by a sustainable governance and delivery model.

4. RGD in-House perspectives webinar

Presented by Lisa Parkyn RGD and Simon Clancy

In this webinar Lisa shows us how by harnessing the power of in-house branding, companies can generate excitement and create a strong connection between their brand and their target audience and Simon takes us through Canadian Tire’s Brand Design System presenting the operational and cultural change required to implement a design system.

3. Strategic typography for branding

Presented by Leila Singleton

In this webinar, you will understand the importance of weighting costs and utility as heavily as they do aesthetics when choosing corporate typefaces for employers and/or clients. You will also leave with ideas for typographic details that can help "brand" their typesetting.

2. Dreaming of better: A product designer's responsibility in accessibility

Presented by Mohammad Owainati

Product designers are positioned to play a vital role in pushing teams to think beyond compliance. In this webinar, Senior Product Designer Mohammad Owainati touches on his growth as a designer in relation to making better accessible experiences at Fable.

1. Design and accessibility: A powerful combination

Presented by Emmanuelle Goodier and Wendy Lockyer

In this webinar, learn about designing with accessibility in mind and efficient tagging in InDesign vs PDF. Hear tips for exporting correctly to PDF. Emmanuelle and Wendy will share practical lessons from their experience and help answer a common question “I followed the training, so why isn’t the PDF passing accessibility testing tools?”.


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