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Dec 25, 2021 Available for 10 days

Words, Decks and Scrambled Eggs — The Secrets of Great Storytelling by Kristina Rostorotsky

About this video


Designers are master storytellers. Our skill and focus is often directed at communicating outwards — with our external audiences, customers and clients. There is another type of storytelling, however, that can supercharge your career, unlock countless opportunities for your team and make your daily work easier. It the art of telling internal stories within your organization: the stories we tell our leaders, colleagues and decision-makers. This talk covers strategic storytelling within organizations, internal audience considerations and how to use your stories to elicit change. You will learn how to figure out the heart of your story, how to structure your story and, most importantly, how to make yourself heard in the realities of hybrid work. The knowledge gained can be directly applied to the next deck, memo or that crucial 2-minute elevator conversation.

About Kristina Rostorotsky
Kristina is a Director of Product Design at Loblaw Digital, where she helps build digital products and services used by millions of Canadians every day. She currently leads product design teams for Shoppers Drug Mart web and native apps. As a manager, she uses design thinking methods to grow and support the team. Over her 12 years in the design field, she has told stories through visuals, words, data and workshop activities. She has worked on in-house design teams at the largest Canadian retail and engineering firms. Her work is driven by her curiosity about people—their changing contexts, problems, aspirations, feelings and opinions. She loves the excitement of making something out of nothing. And chocolate. She really loves that too.