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Mar 03, 2020

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Designing Products People Love by Berjesty Kozanoglu

About this video


Learn about what Emotional Intelligence is, and what it strives to do. Berjesty maps back to recent research and data both in psychology and human computer interaction domains and look at what it takes to design products people love. She also looks at the designers who consider the connections that can form between users and UI patterns they use, and the emotions that can arise from them.

- Why emotional intelligence is important to consider when designing a digital product
- People's behaviours change towards a product based on how they feel about it when interacting with it

About Berjesty Kozanoglu
As an experienced designer and UX Manager at Shopify, Berjesty uses analytical thinking to bring together strategy, UX, and meaningful visual design. For the past two decades, she has been helping global companies and startups to develop better business goals and help customers create experiences that people love and bring, while also bringing significant value to businesses. Berjesty is passionate about building beautiful and meaningful products that help people in their daily lives.