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Aug 09, 2019 Available for 10 days

Journey Mapping – A Holistic Understanding of User Experiences by Hamilton Hernandez

About this video


From initial product introduction to recycling and service cancellation, grasping the end-to-end experience life-cycle is a critical factor in the success of a product or service experience. Uncover expectations, pain points, and opportunities and translate these insights to design innovations.

In this webinar, Hamilton introduces the basics of Journey Mapping, including:
- What is journey mapping?
- Why map journeys?
- How do we map journeys?
- How do you use journey maps?

About Hamilton Hernandez
Hamilton is a Senior Experience Architect at Akendi, a product strategy, user experience design and usability research firm. He puts user-centric research and design principles into practice each time he faces a new challenge. Since 2007, Hamilton has advocated for the thoughtful and meaningful design of services and systems that satisfy and support users in their daily lives. He is fueled by the "Aha!" moments of insight that he can't wait to share with clients and promotes designs that deliver truly fulfilling experiences.