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Jun 06, 2024

Ukrainian Type Design: Roots, Identity, Modernity

About this video


Type is an important part of culture and its identity. Kateryna will tell a brief history of the Ukrainian Cyrillic and its deep roots, show examples starting from the 10th century, typographic works of Ukrainian graphic artists of the 20th century and historical continuity, as modern type designers in Ukraine strive to explore, revive and preserve Ukrainian identity and draw inspiration from our heritage. Kateryna will also showcase several of her projects inspired by Ukrainian architecture and roots, as well as an art project dedicated to the heritage of Ukrainian Cyrillic, and some works of her Ukrainian colleagues.


About Kateryna Korolevtseva

Kateryna Korolevtseva is an independent Brand Designer and Art Director from Ukraine, currently based in Amiens, France. Her specialization is type design, typographic brand identity, art direction, lettering and bespoke logo design.