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Nov 01, 2022

Healthier Tech for a Digitally Distracted World

Bethany Sonefeld

About this video


Dark patterns, bottomless feeds, and manipulative software—we are surrounded by addictive and toxic technology. As creators, we have a responsibility to build tech that respects our users' time, mental space and well-being. As consumers, we must begin to build balance with the technology in our own lives. It time we create with conscience. During this talk, Bethany discusses the ways technology is controlling our time, emotions and attention. She outlines the tools and techniques companies are using to keep us hooked and engaged. Then, she discusses how we can commit to and build healthier technology—for ourselves and our end users.


Bethany Sonefeld

Bethany is a designer that specializes in systems thinking, detail oriented design and scalable enterprise solutions. Bethany has spent her career leading grass-roots efforts, consistently innovating and changing the way product organizations build products. She co-led the Carbon Design System team at IBM, who built and maintained the design system for IBM Cloud. At Cloudflare, she was the first designer on Cloudflare for Teams, building that product from the ground up before hiring a team of four. Currently, Bethany is working as a Design Manager at Duo Security while also building Create with Conscience, a space dedicated to educating and committing to designing healthier technology. She passionately curious, a cross-stitching queen and is pretty much obsessed with her dog. You can learn more about Bethany and see her current projects at or give her a shout on Twitter @bsonefeld.