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Dec 25, 2022

It's Not a Re-Brand by Jordan Snyder

About this video


Join Jordan to learn how to approach re-designing a brand without calling it a re-brand. When you inherit a home filled with relics of the past, all containing emotional connection, how do you help stakeholders let go? What happens when your design approach is not accepted and you need to adapt to deliver results in unconventional ways?

Attendees will learn:
- How to approach redesigns in unconventional ways
- What happens when clients don't understand your process and are married to their own
- How to be flexible, adapt and handle many stake-holders

About Jordan Snyder
Jordan has worked for companies that include the Shaw Festival and the McMichael Gallery. More recently she moved in-house for Uncharted Software, where she directs, grows and educates the graphics team. Typography is her favourite design element and her passion is brand systems. In her spare time, she builds mythical kinetic steel beasts that are adorned in LED lighting and paired with interactive fire effects. Her design background mixes with her artistic side to create campaigns and elaborate art parties to support the community build of these giant creatures.</span>