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Dec 02, 2012

Think to Make

Mike Kruzeniski

About this video


Over the last decade, terms like Design Thinking, Design Planning, Design Strategy, Design Fiction and Design Vision have been popular for discussing design’s role in shaping the world around us. But what of Design Making? It has become surprisingly easy to fabricate, build, sketch, print and code an idea very quickly—to get it back into our hands to play with. We are now able to have a much closer relationship with the tools that make the things we design, allowing us to close the distance between our hands and our imagination. How does the way we think about design and the role of the designer change when we shift our emphasis from thinking to making?


Mike Kruzeniski

Mike Kruzeniski recently joined the design team at Twitter, where he leads design for the core experiences on Twitter. Before joining Twitter, he was a Principal Design Lead at Microsoft, where he led design for the social, communication, productivity and international experiences on Windows Phone. Mike has a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Emily Carr.