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Feb 29, 2024

The Evolution of the Proposal

About this video


The Evolution of the Proposal

In this session, join Bird Constructions Marketing Team Member, Meghan Cree-Smith in a discussion on how proposal and business development has evolved with the use of graphic design over the last 10 years. Specifically, Meghan will compare the expectations and examples of pitches a corporation presents to its prospective clients, from the past to present, and how graphic design has elevated the both the overall look and even the narrative of these important documents.


  • Tips & tricks with introducing graphic design into text-heavy documents
  • The importance of CC Libraries and cloud-based asset management
  • Template design to ensure brand recognition and consistency across the entire company

About Meghan Cree-Smith
With a rich background of over 17 years as a Design and Creative Lead, Meghan has in-depth understanding of the symbiotic relationship between graphic design and business. Her journey includes earning a Masters in Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Design Management from the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York, a transformative experience that has not only shaped her career but has also propelled her to bridge the gap between design and the corporate world. During her time in New York, Meghan collaborated with global brands such as Bloomberg LP and Colgate-Palmolive. Back in Canada (Vancouver), she worked in the real estate industry, engaging in business development for seven years. She currently resides in Winnipeg, bringing her design and creative leadership skills to the construction industry.