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May 28, 2024

The Creative Process as a Self Learning Tool

Paloma Rincón

About this video


In this talk, Paloma will share her experience in tackling the creative process. She will explain how she has connected with her personality and learned to flow with it and not against embracing work challenges while being true to who she is.


Paloma Rincón

Born in Mexico and based in Madrid, Paloma is a visual artist working across multiple disciplines with a strong focus in concept development and art direction. Paloma shoots photographic stills and directs moving image projects in a quirky style marked by bold colors and graphic compositions. Paloma creates visual games using a playful language where the meaning of objects is redefined by unexpected juxtapositions. In her work, she explores perception through physical works that seem to be digitally created; synthetic depictions with a deep use of textures, light and colour toying with the real and the unreal. Her work ranges from experimental and personal projects to commercial assignments for worldwide brands and respected editorial publications.