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Jun 01, 2022

Systems Thinking & Creative Strategy

Douglas Davis
Douglas Davis on stage presenting, sneakers of person lying on ground on screen behind him

About this video


Leadership is both a verb and a posture. Now that every institution, brand and business model has been thrown into disarray, now the time to help your clients pivot. Creatives have always had to be agile in the face of unclearly defined problems, client changes of scope and competitive dynamics. This session will identify the role of a creative in an environmental shift that requires decentralized decision making, knowledge of forecasting and operations to design new systems. Though everything is changing, you'll still be expected to answer client problems with creativity that on-brand, on strategy and on message.

About Douglas Davis
Douglas enjoys being one of the variety of voices needed in front of and behind the concept. His approach to creativity combines right-brained creative problem-solving with left-brained strategic thinking. Douglas is an Emmy Award-winning strategist who serves on the advisory boards of the Poster House Museum CMYK Council, The Type Director Club, The University of Oregon Masters in Advertising and Brand Responsibility and City College Masters in Branding and Integrated Communications. He has found an international audience interested in his approach to blurring the lines between advertising, design and business education. In 2016, Davis wrote Creative Strategy and the Business of Design. He is former Chair of the B.F.A. in Communication Design program at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn and holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from Hampton University, an M.S. in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and an M.S. in Integrated Marketing from New York University.


Douglas Davis