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Jun 01, 2023

Put Yourself in the Game

Parker McLean RGD

About this video


When defining audiences, we constantly remind our clients that ;everybody isn't a demographic. Why, then, do we so ruthlessly expect ourselves to understand everyone and everything in our creative work? How can we effectively collaborate, learn, create or grow when we're not comfortable saying ;I don't know or ;I don't have an opinion on that? In this engaging talk, you will learn to authentically identify the breadth and depth of your unique experience, perspective, understanding and capacity so that you can get back to developing your greatest creative asset: you.

Inspired to make the world a gentler place, Parker is an avid colour enthusiast, schnauzer dad, husband and creative director based in Vancouver. Leading his team at Harc Creative with equal parts heart, head and humour, Parker lived-experience growing up with a speech difference informs his sensitive, clarity-focused creative practice. Pouring everything he has into everything he does, Parker is certainly a ‘more is more' person, but don't let that fool you: his quiet approach and tender perspective keep his feet on the ground and his head facing skyward.